Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Running Through The Pain Barrier

Well I just completed a fifteen kilometre run. It's the longest single run I've done in a while, making my total for the last four days, 42kms. Now I have a three day break!

Last week, I bought a new pair of shoes that I wanted to set aside for all road running (I also run on the treadmill) The first time I used these shoes, I developed HUGE blisters on the insides of my feet... The next two runs were on the treadmill so I ran in my regular shoes...
Today was on the road again so I put my road shoes on. I thought I'd left enough time for the blisters to heal. I put a few bandaids and wrapping on them so they wouldn't blister again in that spot and off I went.

The shoes were a little uncomfortable in the blister area while I was still walking around, but I thought that was because the area was still a little raw and would go away the more I walked in them.

When I started running, they were quite sore but I knew the more I ran, the less the pain would be. It was pretty sore up until six kms into my run. After that, it went to a dull ache, and by the time I was finishing, I was so euphoric at approaching the finish line, that I didn't even notice the pain.

When I got home and finally took off my shoes I was SHOCKED!
(Right foot is pictured above, left foot is to the right.)

And do you know what worries me the most?? Is this going to be healed enough before I run again?? It better be because I'm not missing my next run!! Guess I just have to go back to the old shoes...

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Evil Pixie said...

OMG!! Are you nuts?!?!?! You have to let the blisters heal completely. I show Mum those photographs, and she said infection can and will happen (sweat and bacteria forming in the open sore - regardless if there is a band aid or not). The infection can turn into blood poisoning, which is extremely dangerous. I know you love running, but let the blisters heal completely first... then get back on the road.