Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sayings/Words/Phrases I hate

Miss fifteen is still rolling her eyes over my last blog entry. Apparently that is so "yesterday". Everyone knows the "waaaaambulance" line...
Well shame on me for not being up with the vocab times!

So that got me thinking about other phrases and words I hate hearing... maybe you can think of a few yourself?

Some Phrases/words I wish would be banned

1. "Do you know what I mean?"
Not bad when said once, but some people insist on using it after ever second or third sentence.

2. "What not"
As in, "We stayed there and and talked about life and what not". Often used instead of "etc."

3. *Overuse of personal name.*
Don't you hate it when you just meet someone, and they insist on using your name in every sentence? I guess that might be how "That's my name, don't wear it out" might have originated!!

4. Speaking about yourself in the third person.
Please... didn't everyone see that Seinfeld episode!! Don't do it!! It's NOT cool!

5. "Right love?"
It doesn't offend me but I still think that only female workers at truckstops over the age of 55 should be able to use the word 'love' when calling someone by a pet name and then ONLY if they have a fag hanging out of their mouth.

6. "How about the lotto numbers?" Followed by a hearty chuckle.
This is in reference to my particular job. I have to ask "is there anything else I can do for you" and the customer invariably come back with this line which I'm sure they think is original and it just cracks them up.

7. "Right" or "ok"
When this word is spoken after a statement that the speaker wants you to believe, it really irks me. Just the fact that you have said "right" or "ok" doesn't mean I automatically am going to believe what you've said. You still have to make your case.
eg. "I told you not to do that (pause) right! I've told you to not call me anymore (pause) right. I'm not going to stand for this anymore, OK?"
Well geez... I'm convinced. That put the stalker right in his place!

8. "No offense, but..."
No offense?? If you have to say it, you can bet offense is appropriate... you're just saying it as an out for YOURSELF! If you tihnk you have to say it, then please DONT say it and choose different, non offending words instead!

9. "Everything happens for a reason"
Yeah and that reason is random chance and life choices. Maybe it makes some people feel better if they think there is a purpose to something.Happens for a reason? Maybe it does, or maybe an invisible chain of events occured right before it

10. "My bad"
Makes me want to show the person who spoke it, how bad it really can be!

11. "I slept like a baby"
You mean you slept for 30 minutes then cried your lungs off until someone fed you and cuddled you back to sleep then started that cycle again?

12. "Hot/Cold enough for ya?"
No, actually, the more extreme the more I like it. I regularly sleep in my fridge or my oven just so I can feel it that bit warmer or colder...
I know it's just a conversation opener but really? Don't we know by now NOT to talk about the weather?

13. "I/You deserve this" or "I/You don't deserve this"
Really? And where is the rule book that states when someone does or doesn't deserve something? When someone wins the lottery, what did they do to deserve that? when a great tragedy happens to a person, what did they do to deserve that? Sometimes shit just happens and to think you're above it is to have a little too many tickets on yourself!

So there's just a few that I've thought off from the top of my head.
Can you think of anymore?


Anonymous said...

How about.."it's so gay"...miss 13 uses it ALL THE TIME ...everything is gay ... I thought gay was happy or someone who likes their own gender. If they dont like it its GAY!

Evil Pixie said...

I've got one for you... what about when people inject the word "like" throughout a sentence. "Like" has become the new "um" and it drives me bonkers.