Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dessert for dinner?

Well that was a birthday dinner not to remember!!!

We really wanted to go to the souvlaki brothers at Glenelg tonight as that was the man of the house's choice, but they were closed for renovations.
It was cold and we didn't want to walk back to the car so we went to Nando's.
Big mistake.

First of all there weren't many people in there but the seating was crowded. There was only one table where we could really have sat and that was right in front of the door so everytime someone went in or out, we felt the cold wind rushing in.

We were hungry so didn't mind paying the high prices that were shown. We figured we must be getting a big meal.

Were we ever wrong!!!

The serves were so small that we were finished in minutes and immediately went next door to McDonalds.

What was funny was that a group of guys who'd been in Nando's at the same time as us, were in
McDonalds too!!

I feel so unsatisfied...

Lucky there's birthday cake waiting at home.

Oh... and no, the man of the house isn't seven, but if you add the numbers of his age up, it comes to seven!
Happy birthday Honey. Is that a smile I see???

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Anonymous said...

Ooh poor Deno!! Stupid Nandos. Well, you have to have a another dinner now to makeup for it.... Heehee. Any excuse! Nadia xxx