Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How much for an opinion?

Besides the fact that I have no creativity when it comes to doing things with my hands, I don't think I could have been a hairdresser because of all the small talk involved.

My hair dresser tries and I know she has a good heart but I'm so sick to death of all the chatter I have to hear as a client!!!

Customers say the most boring, inane, egotistical things and she nods, agrees and adds to the conversation, never questioning what is being said to her. I wish I could hear what was going on in her mind as she's listening to her clients drivel.

Then again maybe she likes it?

Although I do know for a fact that she doesn't give her true opinion because I've seen her change it within seconds when it became apparent she hadn't understood what her client said.
Sometimes I just want to slap her and say "tell me what you really think!!!"
Ok.. so I'm kidding about that part! But it does make conversing with her a chore because I know she's just doing it because she feels it's part of her job.

I'm just not a small talker and that's why the job's not for me.

But I'm sure glad my hair is finally done and she did a great job of that!

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