Thursday, June 10, 2010

Step away from the iphone!

Went to miss 15's drama production last night. For the most part I was  impressed. There were a lot of really talented kids there...
Not that the lady beside me would have known because she didn't take her eyes off her iPhone the whole night!!! I'm not kidding!

There were lots of strange looking kids there... As kids can tend to look strange in their quest for individuality... And I'm so glad I
didn't comment on one of the funnier ones because his mum was sitting right near us!! That could have turned ugly...

My daughter was a star of course. I must admit I got a bit nervous when I saw she was playing a mum but it was ok. I don't think she was being me.
She performed wonderfully. A natural actress!
It made me wonder though if all parents thought their kids were stars as some of the students were real shockers.

All in all it was s hood night and I find myself looking forward to the next production.

Go miss 15!!!

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