Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dedicated to my mum's birthday this year...

Our Mum & Nonna

She's a great cook and with hardly any notice,
She'll have a feast ready and be a great hostess
If it's mince that she's got, she'll be ready to fry it
Not for her or her guests, but for Richie's rich diet.

She'll buy up a storm, a retailer’s delight
Harris Scarfe employees know her on sight
With technology she may not be up with advances
But she'll give it a shot and just take her chances!

Studious she is, and with that lap top she's right
Studying Peggle and Briscola, into the night!
She's a smart woman, I know and I've heard
That from time to time, she'll even make up a word

She loves a good swim, in the spa she'll relax
And enjoys the bubbles while with new friends she chats
You sure couldn’t call her a lazy girl
Even giving the climb to Mt Lofty a whirl!

If we chose our mothers it'd be her that we'd choose
With a mother like that, we know we can't lose
She’s caring and honest, God sent from above
To bring joy to our lives and fill our hearts with love.