Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally a result!

I'm someone who finds Politics absolutely boring.
Not because, as the media was was putting it, there wasn't much difference in the two party's. That there weren't any real issues... but just because I find all governments are corrupt as each other.
In the end, we had to vote for the party we least disliked... and that's what I did.

I don't presume to know anything about Politics... but this election sure caught my attention!

What angered me were the people who went around promoting a 'donkey' vote. That is, doing your duty and going to vote, but voting incorrectly, thereby making your vote void.
Look, I'm not completely for one party anyhow but by me not voting, I'm not contributing to anything!! It's not going to bring about any change... and look what happened!

We have waited 17 days since election day to get a result.

That result hinged on the vote of three independents, who had to give their support to either the Labour or Liberal party...

Every day we were told "a decision will come soon" but days turned into a week.. then another week.. then "tomorrow"... then it was the day after that...

Finally at 2.30pm today a press conference was called and after thirty minutes of mindless waffle they gave their decision.

These three nobodies have decided the fate of this country because the rest of the country couldn't be stuffed putting in an informed vote and these nobodies were treated as if they were superstars.
Every day we wondered if a decision was imminent but why were they the ones making it?

I couldn't help thinking this was like a reality show final where we're all huddling to see who the winner is....
It's probably a fair analogy anyhow because the whole thing, in my opinion, has been a popularity contest/joke.

Tony Abbott wearing those infamous budgie smugglers and Julie Gillard

Having said all that, I did vote for Labour and I tend to like Julia Gillard... but only because I've been unimpressed with the ridiculous things Tony Abbott says... and you know, I want to like the guy because he seems to be into fitness but I don't have any confidence in what he says and don't like the way he reacts when he's cornered. Julia seems to handle the cornering better....

All in all, I'm glad the whole bloody mess is over and hope that all you Australians will actually vote next time!!!
Even if you're only voting for the lesser of two evils....

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