Friday, September 17, 2010

Would I Lie To You?

People generally are gullible and like to believe what they want to believe so they will choose to listen to those who support their beliefs.

Whether we're talking about diet and nutrition or the meaning of life, the theory still holds true.

I was thinking about this today because regularly in my job, I have to fudge the truth a little. I don't outright lie... well... in any case, whatever I'm trying to relay to the customer isn't going to affect their billing, and will give them comfort.

In other words, sometimes a little lie is easier than a long winded, confusing explanation!

And sometimes, I really don't have a clue what I'm talking about but I say those words with such confidence that the customer I'm talking to believes me.
Again, I'm not talking about anything that's going to affect their account, just inconsequential things...

But isn't it true that if someone speak with authority, unless we stop and check ourselves, we tend to believe them. This is so wrong!

Why is it that someone else's personal experience is more valid than mine? Why should I trust someone's personal experience if I haven't had that experience? Especially when we're talking about opinions or supernatural events. That is, things not based in fact.

I regularly read message boards that cover a wide range of topics. Diet and nutrition, to running and exercise.
Opinions vary greatly!!
Why should I believe someone else's opinion over mine especially if they're as equally uneducated as me!
I'm not talking about facts here, just opinions.

It's good to know what someone else thinks, but with anything, you take it on board and see how what they're saying matches up to what your experiences have been.

In the end, we make our own ultimate truth.

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