Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr Idiot

Life in my job is rarely boring.

My very first call this morning was a very disgruntled customer.
So focused was he on telling me how disgruntled he was, that five minutes into the call, I still didn't know what the issue was!

I kept trying to identify the account so I could look at the previous notes to ascertain what he may be so angry about...

"May I have your name to access your account" I asked.

He didn't want to give it to me as he said he'd given it a million times before....
So what was he expecting from me????

I told him I couldn't help him unless I could see his account and my one wish was to help him work out whatever issue he had.

Finally after I asked for his name a third or fourth time he said "Mr Idiot"

Understandably this set me back a bit so I asked
"I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"

Now the reason I asked him to clarify was because I SO wanted to call him Mr Idiot!!
He came back at me with smugness, thinking he was being so clever "Mr Idiot".

"Mr Idiot?" I questioned.

"Yes well I must be if I keep ringing you lot wanting to get my problem fixed"

I must admit, I thought that was funny but by that time we had been on the phone for almost 8 minutes and I still didn't know what he was actually calling about!

As I started to perhaps get a clue, he asked to speak to a supervisor so that was the end of that!
Mr Idiot... well I think he sure hit the nail on the head with that one!

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