Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot weather = Beach walks..

It's been hot... and that's an understatement!

So hubby thought it would be a good idea to go down to the beach.
It goes without saying that I brought my camera so here are a few shots from our walk.
We were about 30 minutes from the sunset when we first arrived...
You can see the sun going down as the photos go on...

There were about one hundred people behind me as I took this shot!!
Quite a few of them were drunk and ready to chat so I had to be quick!

Deno and Josh waiting for me as I take yet more photos...

Love the colours you get as sunset approaches...

No Deno, that's not THAT kind of pole!

It didn't feel like we were in Adelaide.
How spoilt are we to have this on our doorstep!

While Deno and I were enjoying it, Sarah and Josh
were asking if it was time to turn around yet...

Deno showing his playful side...
I like when it comes out

Beach Cricket!
We wanted to join in.

I would only allow silhouette photos of myself!

Sarah and Josh are waiting at the top of the stairs for us

Look at the colour of the sky!!

Glenelg jetty on a hot summer night

And it was well and truly night by the time we finished up back at the car!
A great night...


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Can I use one of your photos of the Jetty for a poster I'm making?