Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's a temporary relationship...

Lately I seem to have a bit of a shoe problem.
No, it's not finding the right size... I've gotten over not being able to find my size easily.... Well that's the wrong thing to say - I've come to accept that I have and will always have, big feet.

But lately it seems that my shoes are just not lasting. I buy them, admittedly wear them every day walking all over the place, and within a month or two, they're broken.
Either the heel comes loose, or straps break...
I can't remember ever having this much bad luck with shoes before!!

Now I'm not out there buying the most expensive brands, but I'm also not buying elcheapo brands and at the very least, shouldn't they last the season? That's all I expect of a sandal!!
Last me the season please!!!

So, with the death of another pair today, I only have a black pair (only bought two weeks ago) and a red pair of sandals from Miss 16 who finally gave them to me seeing as she will never wear them (I've been after this pair for a while!)

Please, please, please, at least last to the end of Summer!!!

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