Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When you just want to sit quietly...

So how can I explain this?

When I travel to work, I go in by train. The reason I do this is because it's convenient and I can read or do whatever I like without getting disturbed.

It's me time.

The other day when I got to the train station, my favourite podcast hadn't finished yet so I didn't take out my book to read, but decided to have a game of tetris on my ipod while listening to the rest of the podcast.

I chose a seat that's on it's own, and at 90 degrees to the other seats so that I wouldn't have anyone sitting next to me. While I love tetris, it's not something that I want to advertise to the rest of the world that I'm playing!

So I'm halfway through a game when an asian mother and her approximately six year old son come on the train. They sat away from me, but they caught my attention because the son changed seats and came to sit on the seat that was closest to me.
Except I've said that wrong... he didn't sit at all! He knelt on the seat backwards, watching me play my game!

For the first 10 seconds he tried to be discreet as he was trying to see what I was doing, but after that, he didn't care. He leant over the people that were next to him on the seat, just so he could get a birds eye view of my tetris game.
Imagine that.
Who would have ever thought Tetris was a spectator game!

When I realised what he was doing I got quite nervous! After all, I had to show him what a master player I was, without appearing too geeky or uncool.
So much for trying not to let the other passengers know what I was doing!

That day, everyone knew I was playing tetris because this little boy was wriggly on that seat and making himself known.

So what would you have done? Stopped playing? Broken the little kids heart?

I didn't want him to make me stop playing so I kept going. I had something to prove now!

He watched me until the end of my game and then I put the ipod away, even though the podcast I was listening to still wasn't finished.
The kid looks up at me with a "you're kidding right?" look on his face but I pretended I didn't notice and got my book out.

It was actually pretty embarrassing mostly because everyone on the train could see what was going on.

The kid then went to go sit by his mother again..

Sometimes it seems these things only happen to me!

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