Thursday, June 4, 2009

What was that again?

From time to time I get calls from the interperting service at work.
These are always interesting if nothing else.
Once they've identified themselves, they'll proceed talking to their non english speaking client about the nature of the call to me. This conversation can take a very long time! During this time I busy myself with my handy, pocket sized, sudoku puzzle book.

Very often the interpreter has a thick accent and if I'm not listening carefully, I can miss when the interpreter stops talking to their client and starts talking to me.

Sometimes I'll get an italian interpreter. I always enjoy those calls as I can understand their conversation but quietly sit back, pretending I can't. Or sometimes I do the opposite and jump right in, answering the question before the interpreter has repeated it to me in English.

Sometimes you can tell what's being said. For example, the non english speaking person could be spelling out their name meaning we have it incorrect on their account.

If they're yelling and agitated it's most likely they've got a high bill enquiry. At those times I'm glad to have an interpreter to act as a buffer between me and the customer.

Sometimes the interpreter and client go off into their own world talking back and forth in their language. I wonder if they remember I'm still there at times. I want to break in and say "hey, did you still need me?" but I like the fact that I'm on a call, without actually having to do any work so I let them go on and on while I do my puzzles.

The only time an interpreter call is a bad thing is when you get it a few minutes before home or lunch time. I've been caught before! Not nice..

So far I haven't had any interpreter calls today but it's almost lunch time so the probability rate is increasing I'm sure!

Stay tuned...

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Evil Pixie said...

I could not do your job. Not in a million years.