Friday, May 29, 2009

I Love My MP3

I recently found a published list of etiquette rules for ipods and mp3 players. I'm sure I've broken most of them.
One of the hardest thing for me to remember is that just because I can't hear something happening in my non mp3 world, doesn't mean others can't.
So if I need to do a little (and by little I mean feminine, cutesy and barely there of course!) burp, I need to think twice about doing it while I have my headphones in... especially if I'm sitting on a quiet train at the time.

And before your mind goes there, there are no other bodily noises I'm referring to apart from the aforementioned burp and perhaps clearing of the throat, sniff or cough!

So with that out of the way, I want to give you the list as shown here

"Wearing earphones is like hanging a “do not disturb” sign off your nose."

Oh lordy if that isn't a reason to leave those earphones in my ears all fricken day!!

"Take note of your surroundings. It may be fine to use your iPod on the commute (in a relatively anonymous public space), but it’s more difficult to use it in the break room at work."

Duly noted and already abiding by that one.

"Respect no-Pod zones. Mp3 players are unwelcome at weddings, funerals, and other gatherings, and also in classrooms or places of worship."

Oh I don't know… if you can do it discreetly, without anyone knowing you're doing it, I'm all for it!! ESPECIALLY if you’re in an intolerably boring situation…

"Be a professional. If you work in the customer-service industry, iPods are out."

Yeah, yeah. Got it. Do it.

"Remove your ear buds to interact. Removing only one ear bud signals that you hope a conversation won’t last too long."

Hmm... Well I half do that… I take one ear bud out and I do sometimes hope the conversation won't last too long!

"Keep the volume moderate."

Well I thought I was doing this one until my daughter exclaimed "mum why have you got that thing up so loud!" and I didn't think I had it loud at all!!! I put that one down to old age hearing loss… sadly…

"Don’t get funky on us. Yes, we know you like music. We can see that it moves you the way your head is bopping about"


"Establish your own musical tastes."

Now that one was too dumb to be in the list.

"Share the airspace"


"Avoid downloading on shared networks."

Preston and Steve podcasts and my own music are all I listen to these days!
So there you go. What did you think of that list?
Have any more rules to add?

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Evil Pixie said...

Hahaha! I love that line... a little (and by little I mean feminine, cutesy and barely there of course!) burp... Classic!