Friday, May 1, 2009

More Customer Stories

1. I don't know why a customer would call me at 11am, telling me his job was supposed to be done today so where is the service person?
So when I tell him that it's still today, why is he surprised?
Today means any time today!!! Today doesn’t mean at 9am sharp! It mean any time during the day!
And it's certainly not something you'd be questioning at 11am is it?

2. Can someone please explain how a customer can not pay a CENT since being established in August 2008, and then be verbally abusive with me over the phone for his account being disconnected? To my credit I remained incredibly calm.
But how could ANYone, not pay anything for over six months and then be indignant and think they have anything to stand on when I say I won't reconnect them? How do you get to be like that??? I don't get it!

3. Today a lady called me and told me her daily meter readings for the last two weeks. That's right, she keeps a record (for herself) so that she knows how much her meter moves every day. She was calling me because she expected her meter to have only moved 3 or 4 units but it moved 10 units over night and she didn't think that was right.
Can you imagine my jaw dropping? Seriously, isn't there more important things in this world? To add to the stupidity, this woman also told me she'd bought a new heater and had had it on during the night… Only three hours…
Did she think it was an unmetered appliance? I mean come on!

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