Monday, May 4, 2009

Exposing Myself

Those who've seen me on facebook may be aware that I've started trying to write and record songs again. I did this quite a bit in my younger years (oh how sad does that sound!) and recently had fun reviving some of my old songs and creating a couple of new ones.

The trouble with writing songs is that you're exposing your emotions. Whatever you write or sing, if you want to come across as genuine, has to be real to you.

But then everyone who hears my song will know what I'm thinking... at least, what I may have been thinking when I wrote the song.
I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that!

The latest song I wrote is "I like that". I drew on my memories of when Deno and I first met. Actually it was nice to think back to those times and remember our first few months together.
But what about the times he makes me really angry? I'm sure I make him really angry at times too but there's not too much of a chance that he's going to go off and write a song about it! (Love ya Deno)
So do I stifle my creativity to respect my man and marriage?

The simple answer is this.
Every song that is lovey dovey is about you my honey bear Deno, and every song that is negative is about people that I knew before you were in my life.
That sounds about right to me!

Now, what can I write about next?

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