Friday, May 22, 2009

It's all about attitude

It's been another crazy sort of day...
The type that makes you question whether there's currently a full moon!
I must be in a good state of mind though because I didn't get my back up and just talked the imbeciles customers through their problems.
That's not to say I wasn't hung up on. In fact two customers hung up on me today. Usually I become indignant when that happens. How dare they! But today I just let it ride and laughed it off. Nothing much more I could do about it.

So why, when everything around me is testing my frustration limit, am I coping?

Because I'm distracted!
All I can think about is recording this new song tomorrow!

Unfortunately I have the habit of having a "near enough is good enough" attitude and I really don't want to that with this song because I really really like it! Deno wrote the words as he did with "More To Me" and he did such a fantastic job. I'm looking forward to creating more songs with him. I think he's enjoying being part of this creative process too. He's always had a way with words. I normally find that part difficult. My lyrics tend to be flighty and unmemorable. Deno's have meaning.

A few nights ago he showed me the lyrics to this song I'll be recording on the weekend. I was singing away, testing how they would fit with the music I'd created.
"I love it" I exclaimed.
But then he asked "Do you get it? Do you know what it means"
"No" I replied, "but it's deep enough that people will extract whatever meaning they want out of it."
He tried to explain it to me but it was late and... well to be honest I didn't retain the information... but still, can't wait to sing it on the weekend!


Evil Pixie said...

I absolutely hate it when people hang up on me - even if I deserve it. It is one of the reasons why I don't hang up on people. It is overwhelmingly frustrating to experience it - the epitome of no closure.

Anonymous said...
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