Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Florentine Junkie - A Temporary Obsession

I know you're just dying to find out what my latest obsession is....

Yoghurt Florentines from the health food shop!

Actually, the last thing they are is healthy but they are definitely heavenly divine and heaven is associated with being good, so I'll accept that the yoghurt Florentines are good!

And no, the photo shown on the right is not of my actual Florentine. They don't last long enough to be photographed! It's just an accurate replica I found on the web.

I love the Florentines so much that I'll have them instead of a regular lunch. I've always had a sweet tooth and would prefer sweets any day, but I feel strange going in there and asking for three yoghurt Florentines so I'll pretend I'm getting some for others "Can I have those in separate bags please?"

I sometimes ask for a few different items as well, so they don't think I'm just Florentine obsessed... like I could just take or leave them..
I think they're on to me though...
Luckily, I only work a few days a week...

There is one girl in the health food store who kind of annoys me because no matter what I choose to buy, she always says "good choice".
The first time she said it, I felt like I'd been a good girl! You know, like when the teacher asks you a question and you get it right!Now it just seems fake and it's a little disappointing. Does she even remember that I'm the yoghurt Florentine girl? Am I just another faceless person in the crowd that she says "good choice" too?

Hopefully the extra running mileage I'm doing these days is taking care of what those Florentines are doing to my hips!

Which reminds me...
I read a funny quote today
"There's a skinny person shouting to be heard inside every overweight person, who can only be shut up with chocolate"

Well, peace and quiet is better than shouting isn't it?

Now, enough chatter, where's my Florentine....

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