Thursday, January 7, 2010

Would you do this job?

I had to sit in a doctor’s waiting room for an hour or so this week and it got me thinking, isn't being a doctor one of the worst jobs you could have?
No doubt, they are worth every penny they get because I for one wouldn't want to be doing what they do!

I looked at the people around me in that waiting room, and wondered what ailments they were going to bring before their doctor. Which bits of their body were they going to expose? What disease ridden or germ infested part of their body did they need help with?

Now obviously we all need the doctor from time to time and I'm certainly not saying anything about the people needing to see one, but imagine BEING that doctor and having to see one ugly sight after another!
There's just no let up! All day long they hear it all and see it all. Where is the joy? What kind of patients/ailments do they hope to see? Which ones do they dread?
Look at the people immediately around you. Imagine you were a doctor and you had to look at them naked. I mean it's not quite as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy might make it seem! Normal people normally aren't pretty, and especially when they have things wrong with them that require a doctor’s attention!

People seem to fall into a couple of categories; those who go to the doctor on the whim of a potential sickness, and those that delay going until their tumour makes them look nine months pregnant.

The internet has made this problem so much worse hasn't it? How many of us (yes me included) have looked up our "symptoms" only to be convinced that we have a life threatening condition. In fact, miss 15 once told me that one of her friends had a certain disorder. I asked her what her doctor had told her about this situation and miss 15 said "no, my friend diagnosed herself from reading about it on the internet" and she said it with all the sincerity and naivety of a fifteen year old girl.

So after seeing diseased body parts and hearing the wails of the hypochondriacs AND dealing with genuine patients who need care and understanding, it's a wonder anyone continues to do this job!

But I'm glad they do because you see, I have this curious looking thing here...

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Evil Pixie said...

I considered a career in medicine, but quickly realized I can't cope with bodily fluids other than blood and puss. Then I thought about being a surgeon, so I wouldn't have to deal with patients unless they were being prepped for surgery... I quickly realized I'd still have to deal with sick people.

So as my contribution to the profession, I make sure to make my doctor laugh whenever I have a visit. Of course, I also annoy the heck out of her by refusing to step on the scale and asking enough "Why?" questions that she is on the verge of tears. But someone has to keep her on her toes. :)