Friday, January 29, 2010

No More Dexter!!

I just hate it when you get into a television series that has grabbed you so much, that you're sad when the finale is over.
We now have to wait a whole year for Dexter!!
I just love that show!
I think I even dreamt about it last night after watching the finale.

So I thought I'd put a few of my thoughts about the show down and maybe we'll all see why I'm so fascinated by this show.
There's something a little icky about watching a real life husband and wife team playing brother and sister. It could be worse I guess, they could be brother and sister playing husband and wife... but even so, as they go through their lines acting their parts I wonder if they've just had a domestic squabble about who didn't take out the trash, or who left the toilet seat up again...
or what about Dexter's love scenes with Rita?
He usually doesn't have any but they got pretty close in that last episode and it one point, his face was smothered by her voluptuous breasts. Was his wife watching on as they filmed that scene?
I don't care how much you want to call it acting, it can't be good for the spouse to see that!

Speaking of Debra, Dexter's sister on the show, isn't she tremendously skinny? I'm fascinated by it! Each scene she's in I can't help but look at how small her frame is, how small her clothes are, and how no matter how tiny her clothes are, she still swims in them! There is not one ounce of fat on her! I'm sure if she takes off her clothes all we'll see is a skeletal frame!

I don't understand why they had La Guerta and the other cop marry. Was that just to throw us off the story line??? Seemed to come out of nowhere or maybe they're setting something up for next season?

The final five minutes were totally unexpected and horrifying as they were, were not without their own relief too. I say that because I find the Rita's character just so annoying. She's so sickly sweet yet manages to incite such a dislike. She does nothing all day but then throws the children at Dexter when he comes in from his work/killing duties. A man can only handle so much! She will tell Dexter she's unhappy with a smile on her face so how do you know she really means it? No wonder Dexter is often confused emotionally and has no clue what his reaction should be. Any small effort on Dexter's part to do something nice is met with an over exuberance of love and gratitude from Rita. It's not that she's too perfect, it's just sick!

And it goes without saying that I'll never be able to watch John Lithgow in the same way again.

And now what am I going to do? I have to wait twelve months for new Dexter!!!
I guess I'll just get immersed in my next lot of shows...House, Lost, 24...
TV addict? Who me?

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