Monday, February 1, 2010

Visiting another world...

Sometimes I think going to the dentist can be like going to another country. It's a whole new world with a whole new language!

I got so stressed thinking about my appointment today that I was just a nervous wreck by the time I was called into the room.

I have a new dentist now as my old one left the practice. She was really nice. She reminded me of one of my old Italian aunties...
This new dentist is a guy and after having a woman for so long, I was a little unsure but I thought I'd give him a go.

So I get into the room, nerves and all, and he asks me how I am.
Without missing a second I go into the lengthy preplanned script about how bad my teeth are and how embarrassed I am of how bad I've let everything get and how my back tooth is infected and got so bad it led to a ear and gland infection etc etc etc.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you're embarrassing yourself but you can't stop? Well that was me today...

So the Dentist, Darrell, put on his calm voice and said he'd take a look.

He asked me a whole lot of questions about my tooth and said he didn't think it was as bad as I'd said but he'd take x-ray's to be sure...
In the meantime, he gave my teeth a thorough check up.

I'm lying there while he's going through my mouth, calling out various codes to the dental assistant who was dutifully writing everything down.
Don't you just hate dental code? I have no idea what the numbers and letters meant.
I'm sure he meant for me to think it was work that needed to be done on my teeth but he was probably really telling the dental assistant "we've got a loony here! Tread carefully!"

And as his hand is in my mouth I start to worry if my breath is bad, if there's boogers up my nose and how unladylike I look with saliva going everywhere. I wonder when, god when, can I swallow, and if I don't swallow, am I going to choke on my spit and make a bigger fool of myself?

So after the letter and numbers that sounded like they were leftover from a starwars movie, he went to do the x-ray.
He studied the pictures and said it wasn't as bad as I had made him think!

Woo Hoo... good for me..

But I still have five fillings that have to be refilled so he had a lot of work to do (Just no root canals!! yeah!)

He fixed the tooth that I thought had given me the ear infection, then said he had time to do some more on the upper side.
Sure I said! I figured since I was there and worked up already why not? Saves me getting worked up an extra time!

So he jabbed me with the needle again and off he went to do his thing.

I was at the dentist for just over an hour.

Now you know when you've had that anesthetic in your mouth, you feel like you look really geeky but it usually feels worse than it looks?
Well in my case, it looked worse than it felt, and it felt bad!!
I looked like I had been punched in the face and couldn't get my words out properly.

It was really quite funny...

The kids saw me a bit later and were a little traumatized by my look though! They wouldn't let me take a photo of it and Miss 15 even shielded her eyes when talking to me in case she caught a stomach turning peak.

But the best news of all, is that I thought I was going to be up for tons of visits and my new best dentist Darrell says he can finish up in another hour appointment in a fortnight's time!

14 days to go....

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