Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cos there's nothing better to do..

I don't know who profits every time they do a major office upheaval. Maybe it’s just for the benefit of the managers who sit around and snicker as the office is reduced to a confusion of moving chairs, drawers, papers and personal effects.

We have four teams of about 18 people here and today, management have picked us all up and thrown us back down into new groups of four.
I don't understand why they would do this.
Fair enough if it hadn't been done in a while, but I've moved four times in the last 12 months!It's ridiculous!!There doesn't seem to be any reason for it.

Enough about that though.
The thing that made today's move different was the disgusting mess that was left at my new desk (and if the last owner of my new desk reads this, please know that I'm not having a go at you, but probably every other person that's sat there too!!!)I'm sure there were quite a few years accumulation of dirt, grime and crumbs at this desk.
What made me throw up a little in my mouth though were the little hairs, that looked like dog or cat hairs, that came out from the keyboard.I feel nauseous again just thinking about it!I don't know how anyone could have operated at that desk!

I'm not saying that I leave my desk in pristine condition (especially when it's surprise move as today's was) but never in my eight years of working here have I seen a desk like I moved to today.

Other negatives about this desk are its location (monitor in full view of entire office) and the lights above it! I feel like I'm in an interrogation! It's so bright!Or maybe I'm under a spotlight and they're all just waiting for me to sing

The good things are that I don't have someone sitting next to me who's going to be looking at what I'm doing (i.e., checking out my screen) or looking to see what I've bought lately (looking in my handbag)And if the person who I'm talking about reads this, you know I love you! But I'm also glad to be taking my privacy back.

It's sad though, that just when you build a good rapport with those around you, you're yanked out of your comfort zone.Although I'm looking forward to meeting new people, I wish I'd been left in my dark little corner, instead of so out in the open under bright lights!

I guess I'll just focus on the positives and know that another move is probably just around the corner!

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