Friday, February 12, 2010

All you need is love... or at leas the thought of love...

Not only is Valentine ’s Day coming up, but so is DH and I's anniversary. We actually beat the Valentine’s day rush by getting married on February 13 so there is absolutely no problems with restaurants being overbooked when we celebrate!

Because love was in the air, so to speak, I decided to give a chocolate rose to my two closest friends at work today. I got in before both of them so I just lay the rose across their keyboards.

When the first girl came in, I was on a call with a customer so I wasn't able to tell it had been me who'd placed it there (and no I didn't sign my name to it because I'd expected to give it to her personally). The recipient started saying "who left this here?" thinking she might have a secret admirer, and who wouldn't think that?
I heard her ask her male supervisor if it had been him and he quite rightly said it wasn't. I was growing more frantic as I listened to this going on, while trying to aid my customer at the same time!

When I finally did get off the phone, she had asked half the office and it was becoming quite an office mystery finding out who this person was who'd left the rose on her keyboard.
Now here was my dilemma.
Do I ruin her good mood and good feeling by saying it was just me and not some handsome, rich, well cut male trying to win her affections?
I sat there with that knowledge for a while and then told her supervisor as he walked past. He said not to tell her but he's male and doesn't know what scenario's a woman's imagination can quickly get to!

So as soon as I could, I told her it was me and although I thought I detected a bit of disappointment, she soon smiled again and said it was nice. So hopefully it wasn't too bad!

For the record, I've never been a Valentine’s Day fan! Too many people get left out and I just don't like that. Someone's worth is to be judged by what they receive on Valentine ’s Day? I don't think so! Still, it is nice when you get something.... especially when it's from a secret admirer! Although, I've got to add that from what I've heard, if someone receives something from a secret admirer, the romantic factor can quickly turn to an "ewww" factor is the admirer reveals himself!! Better to stay hidden.

So to everyone that won't receive anything this Valentine’s day,
Happy Valentine’s Day!
I'm sure there is someone whose life you affect just by being in it. We're just sometimes too lazy to do anything about it but it's appreciated.

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Evil Pixie said...

That was really sweet of you to do that. I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day either, but I'm sure you made the day of those two gals. Well done!