Friday, February 5, 2010

Did You Bring Food?

Working in a large office, it's always somebody's birthday.
That means there's always a morning tea happening somewhere!

Now I've been with the company for almost eight years and in that time, when it comes to morning teas, I've seen the lot! Everything from a couple of packets of chips and biscuits chucked on the food table, to elaborate and intricately decorated cakes and pastries.

My current team tends to fall in the first category. We just can't seem to be bothered! Or it could be that we've had so many birthdays in a row, that we're pretending they're not really happening.

Today's effort was especially bad and I felt sorry for the poor girl whose birthday it was. The lack of effort was certainly no reflection on our thoughts about her!

Now I'm not complaining about the lack of effort, actually, I fully admit that I contribute to it. I don't want to eat from the food table so I don't bring anything for it.If there's nothing on it worth eating, then I'm not going to be tempted to eat something I shouldn't.

I've been in teams though, where competition is fierce! Who's going to bring the tastiest dish? Whose mud cake is the most delicious? Whose dish disappears from the food table first? (That one has caused me a little stress over the years!)

I have enough food issues, I don't need to add morning tea politics to them so I'll gladly excuse myself.

And wish everyone celebrating a birthday a very happy and special day.

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Evil Pixie said...

I can't handle that community trough approach. I don't know who has handled or sneezed all over the food. Plus, I can never trust what was put in the dish to begin with... Does that make me paranoid? Probably. I typically forego the potlucks and opt for going without. It's probably mentally and physically safer - though is has given me the reputation for being antisocial. Then again, it doesn't help that I am antisocial. :D