Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

I had to go to the doctors today, just for a routine blood test, and was amazed when I was called in right away!

The place where I go won't let you make an appointment. You just go up and wait to be called.
Up until just recently, the wait time was always over an hour, usually close to two however today I was called within 10 minutes!

I was shocked!

So I went into the doctors room and told her I was here for my routine tests and she sent me round to the pathology rooms.

Now these treatment/pathology rooms also have waiting times. You take a number and wait to be called.

I was the third person in the list so I didn't think I was going to have to wait long.

I was wrong.

I knew my good luck was too good to be true!

I don't know what the delay was but as I sat there and waited, more and more people were coming. The line was getting longer. Everytime there was movement by the nurses, every person in that line turned their eyes to them in hope that their number was going to be called.

While we were waiting, some of the people started talking. One woman made sure everyone in the line had gotten the right number for the right room. This same woman then asked the woman next to me what she was in for!!


At that point I turned my head forward and made sure I didn't give her any eye contact. I don't want to be discussing my medical situation with strangers! Especially when there are another 15 pairs of ears listening.

We had already witnessed one doctor bring a teenager around telling the nurse he had to give a urine sample, and the nurse telling him where to go to give and where to sit and wait when it was done. I mean it shouldn't be embarrassing because it's just life but still, some things should just be kept quiet. We saw the kid coming back and all knew he has his urine in the jar in his hand. We didn't need to know that or imagine the warmth he must be feeling from that jar in his hand!

I thought the lady next to me seemed nice enough until she started going on and on about what she was there for. She'd cut herself last night and the locum who'd come out had suggested she take herself to the doctor the following morning.
I was sympathising at first, then when she didn't stop, I started getting stressed that I'd never be let out of this conversation.
She started asking if she was looking pale.
I felt like saying "lady if you pass out, you'll be doing us all a favour and YOU"RE AT THE DOCTORS so it's not like you won't be looked after."

Finally I was called. It was like I'd won the lottery.

I could feel those jealous eyes boring through my back as I got up and away from the waiting area.

At least it's over and done with...

That is, until next week when I go back for the results!

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