Monday, February 15, 2010

Like a priest selling trickets to a strip show.

Went for my second and final (for now) appointment to the dentist today and let me tell you, the anxiety level was very high!

I walked into the office and immediately my throat seized up and I wasn't able to swallow. I was convinced I was going to choke to death on my saliva in the chair (Well I did have a one hour appointment!)

But while I was waiting there in the waiting room, entertaining all my fears, a woman came in selling chocolate.
She was slim, petite, pretty and confident. Everything you don't want another woman to be.
OK. I'm kidding about that last sentence...

So she walks up to the reception desk with her box of chocolates and says "Would you like to sell these chocolates here in your waiting room? It's for charity" or something along those lines.

Firstly, can you imagine a dental practice selling chocolate??? Yeah, that's a good message!

So the receptionist politely declined.
The seller said "perhaps you'd like to buy some for yourself then?"
The receptionist answered back, "only after you do" in a nice, slap on the back, type of way.
The seller took a step back and said indignantly "oh no, I don't eat chocolate, I'm a personal trainer"

Oh please. If ever I wanted to poke someones eyes out it was then!

OK little miss chocolate seller in your tight clothing which shows off your toned body, do you think it's really necessary to push the average woman down further still?
So you want everyone else to buy your chocolate but you won't touch it yourself? Nice. It would be like a priest trying to sell you tickets to a strip show! (although on second thoughts, we don't know what these priests do in private. Can't take anything for granted!)
And for the record, I know personal trainers who DO eat chocolate in moderation! They're not mutually exclusive!!!!

So with that, she flicked her long blonde hair back behind her shoulders and moved the perky little butt on out of that dental surgery.

The nerve!

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Evil Pixie said...

Hahaha! The mental image of her flipping her hair back and prancing out of the dental surgery like she has a stick up her butt cracked me up.