Friday, November 7, 2008

"I've just got to check my email"

Although we all have some degree of insecurity, I'm secure enough to admit freely that I'm addicted to email.

Why I feel the need to be in constant communication with so many people is a blog for another day (and one I'm not particularly interested in) but it gives me great pleasure to see that little envelope in my task bar.

I've got mail!

Someone is giving me news!

I've got another opportunity to write another email to someone!

That is particularly important when it's a slow day at work and I'm looking for something to do…

And there's nothing more disappointing in getting your hopes up when you see that envelope in the task bar, only to discover that it's actually junk mail that you've received!Grrr to junk mail!

I have my regular faithful friends who email me back and forth who I would assume are as addicted as I am and you know what, I'm not going to apologise for it! It's something I like doing! I like communicating through email. It's something I enjoy!

How many times have you heard someone say "I don't talk to people on the computer, if I have something to say I'll pick up the phone and call them" and there's nothing wrong with that either, but the tone these words are said in is often one of "I'm not as socially retarded as people who spend all their time communicating through the computer".
If I didn't have a social life, then yeah, it would be a problem but I do so, I'll continue to enjoy my little email addiction!

I must admit, my email addiction is stronger at work than at home and that probably has something to do with my looking for something to distract myself from doing actual work… but even at home I find myself wandering over the computer just to check….

Oh! A new email! Who could this one be from?


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