Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A perfect fit!

I've got two words to say.
"Stretch Pants"
Or maybe I should say
"Lycra Pants"
Who would have thought that such a quick, non consequential (and certainly unplanned) buy would have brought me so much comfort and satisfaction?

Why oh why, had I been suffering with those old, horrible, black work pants!! Why!! They were loose in the leg and tight in the ... well they were uncomfortable! And my expanding waistline wasn't helping matters...
So while on a brief shopping trip with Sarah and Josh last week, I decided to try on a pair of black pants I saw and immediately knew I had to purchase them!
I've worn them to work a few times since and just can't believe I persisted with the uncomfortables for so long!

Now when I say stretch pants, I'm not talking about "dag-lounge around the house" type pants. They still look smart and perfect for the office environment but they FEEL like a second skin over my bottom half!!
So comfortable!
I didn't even spend very much for them!
Now that's a true bargain.

Who knew that a simple clothing purchase could bring so much joy?
Perhaps I am a girl after all...


Nadia said...

You have to have a good figure to wear these sort of pants tho!!..which you do so no problem there.
you know what i always find funny...? The "One size fits all"
Please... who are they trying to kid.

Evil Pixie said...

I LOVE my stretchy pants. There are days when I just cannot manage without them. It is the closest thing to wearing pajamas. :)

Evil Pixie said...

PS. Nadia's right... What's with the "one size fits all?" What a load of hooey!

Nadia said...

Margot, the picture of the lady in your blog, is that you????
Could be you except for the shoes - you dont wear shoes like that

Margot's Musings & Misadventures said...

No that's not me!!!! I wish!!