Saturday, April 18, 2009

The way to a man's heart

We had a visitor coming over today so I did what I’m always looking for an excuse to do…. I baked a cake!

In my opinion, it was delicious! It had bits of apples and berries, along with the very evil but essential measure of oil, flour and sugar.
As the men chatted, I lovingly iced it with my secret icing mixture. YUM!

Then while it was still a little oven warm, I served it to them. It looked so soft and moist as I slid the knife down to cut their pieces.
Imagine my horror, when Deno, who got his piece before the guest, said “Eww, what did you put in here? It tastes horrible, did you put a spice in my accident?”

Now of course I didn’t! I tasted it and there was nothing wrong with it!! And our guest, even though I’m sure he was now nervous, ate it and didn’t look like he was doing so under duress!!
Deno had just had a couple of bacon and egg rolls for lunch so I wonder if that taste had affected his judgment??

Later on while we were waiting for the football to start I decided to make an experimental dish. I get inspired from time to time… usually as I’m sitting mind numbed in front of the TV…

Not giving away the recipe (which unfortunately I didn’t write down so I don’t know if I’ll be able to reproduce it!) but it was a delicious dish! Perfect for a cool, autumn night.

Deno didn’t say a word as he ate it but I did hear a few mmm’s as he put forkfuls into his mouth.

Deno hardly ever tells me he likes something I cook or bake but I knew I’d hit the jackpot when he got to the end of his meal.
He put his fork down and licked the plate clean!! Good enough evidence for me!


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