Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At Last!!!

As some of you know, hubby and I have been regularly doing the Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty route lately. I just love it there!

A month or more ago, we were lucky enough to see a koala there. As bad luck would have it, I didn't have my camera!

Every time we've been there since, I've made sure to bring my camera but haven't had any sightings.
There were no more koalas to be seen.

Today hubby and I went there and decided to go a slightly different way to the top. The path was nice and peaceful. We saw a bird with a red splotch in front of it. I don't know what type it was but couldn't get focused on it quick enough to take a decent picture.

Hubby tried to make me feel better by pretending to be a koala but although I appreciated the effort, it wasn't much consolation.

We got to the top, caught our breath, had a drink and came back down. We decided to go back the way we came.

Near Cleland Park, I got a fabulous surprise!

Right in front of my eyes was a kangaroo!!!

It was a small one... It didn't have any fear of us and came out right in front of hubby and I.

I was madly snapping away with my camera. When the kangaroo crossed the path, we saw that it went to join another, much larger (mother?) kangaroo who was waiting for it and they slowly hopped off together.

It seems they expend so little energy for such big movements. What incredible creatures!

And if that hadn't been enough, when we passed the site where we'd first seen the koala, not only was it back again, but it had a baby!!!!

It was the most amazing thing and I couldn't help myself and had to tell everyone who came by the path while we were there

"Look there's a koala and it has a BABY!!!"

Cameras were taken out by all spectators. We were quite the paparazzi!!!

Such a fantastic experience. I can't wait to go again!


DJ said...

That's so cool!!! :-)

DJ said...

RYN: I haven't posted many photos, but... yeah, it does seem to be less than a perfect process. My problem is getting the photo size right. I hope that gets easier with experience.

As for my ear... apparently the virus responsible can hang around almost forever. The best guess is that it's already been there 12 years (mostly dormant) since my first episode of labyrinthitis back in 1998. It's kinda like the way the chickenpox virus can stay in us for decades before waking up and sparking a bad case of shingles. If my body ever does succeed in fighting it off, it won't be obvious. Fortunately, I've only had about 4 drop attacks in the last several years and none have led to any injuries. Still... I don't plan on getting a job as a roofer anytime soon!