Saturday, November 13, 2010

What do you mean work? It's my birthday!

I was sitting in a public area, quietly minding my own business (ok I was playing Tetris on my ipod touch) when I overheard a couple of friends talking.

They were discussing what shifts they were on next week.

The first person, a male, said he was on 7.30 starts and the woman he was with exclaimed her horror at that.
She said "I'm on 8.30 starts and thank god for that because it's my birthday on Monday and there's no F******G way I'm getting up at 5am on my birthday to come to work"

Well who's a spoilt little princess then?

Are you kidding me? Since when did we start taking holiday's on our birthday's?
Oh please, what did you do? Just survived another year!! That doesn't entitle you to have a day off work!

Sure, get a few gifts, get a few birthday wishes, go out for drinks/dinner etc, but life goes on and ulitmatley, no one really cares about your birthday but YOU! (oh and perhaps your mum!)

To think that having a birthday is an excuse to not go to work is just beyond my comprehension!!!


DJ said...

Heh! I wonder if Jesus feels that way. "OMG, another frickin' midnight Xmas Mass I'm supposed to get up and pay attention to?? HEY, leave me alone! It's my birthday!!"

Evil Pixie said...

Was she young? I noticed younger folks seem to think their birthdays should be a holiday. I know I did when I was younger... Anything to get out of work. ;)