Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quiet please (well I did say please)

Hubby and I went through a stage where we watched a lot of tennis.

I always found it fascinating that the umpire/referee or whatever you call that guy who sits over the net, could call out "quite please" between games and the crowd would immediately quieten down to a pin drop silence.

It's fascinating but you have to think, why the hell do the players need complete silence?

Can you imagine a football umpire requesting complete silence when a player was shooting for goal?

Can you imagine the cricket umpire requesting for silence when a bowler was coming in to bowl?

In every other sport (apart from golf I guess) crowd participation is not only ok, it's encouraged but no, not so for tennis! They require complete silence to do their best.

Aside from that though, it's the sheer power of the person wielding that command that gets me!
I want a tennis umpire in my living room to say "quite please" every time someone opens their mouth when we're watching tv!!! Heck I'd pay good money for that!

And can you imagine if you and your significant other or children are having a domestic dispute, he could intervene with a "advantage mum".
Yes, I like it!

I know what I want for xmas...

Now excuse me while I just go dd tennis ref to my xmas wish list...


DJ said...

Heh! :-)

*Hoping Santa remembers to bring you plenty of referee feed, too*

DJ said...

RYN: It's a type of hawk. Not sure whether it's a sharp-shinned hawk or a Cooper's hawk, though. The beast refused to identify himself despite repeated requests that he do so!

DJ said...

Regarding diabetes.... Poor diet and lack of exercise continue to get much of the blame in the news stories I read. Maybe that's because those are the things we can control. Or maybe the nurse who taught the classes I attended went so far out of her way to help those with diabetes feel better about themselves, she fudged the facts....