Sunday, November 14, 2010

When a ml over or under means oh so much

The girl looked on while the boy, with an intense focus, studied the task he’d been set.

Was he up to the challenge?

Carefully he took the bottle that held the much sought after fluid in his hand and judged the contents, mentally picturing the amount of fluid that was to go into each container.
He had to get it right.

The girl held her breath while the boy carefully started to tip the bottle that held the precious fluid.
“You better get this right” she warned. She just hated it when he got it wrong.
“Well you do it then” he quickly fired back, sick of her constant nagging.
She signed deeply “Just do it”
“Well shoosh then” he replied angrily, focusing his attention once again on the task at hand.

He got down on one knee to have a better line of vision.

Carefully the contents of the bottle started to be poured.

The boy put a little into the first container, then a little into the second container. The girl watched while her heart thumped loudly in the surrounding silence.

The boy checked the remaining contents of the bottle once again and cautiously began to tip the fluid into the awaiting containers, alternating between the first and second container.

He held his breath as the last drop was poured, sure that the girl was going to accuse him of cheating, or of not doing it right. She got down to his line of vision and nodded quietly.


He liked when she was pleased

They then both stood up, took their individual glasses and drank their coke.

Just another day in my household....


DJ said...

Ah, I wish the people who answer the phones at tech support were as conscientious!

DJ said...

Have they ever tried having one pour into the glasses (or cut the candy bar) and then letting the other pick which one they wanted? That was one ethicist's solution to this problem. Alas, it came far too late for me and my sister....

DJ said...

"oh wow what great pictures!!!"

Thanks. Just more proof of my theory that if you take a thousand photos, one or two are bound to be halfway decent.

DJ said...

"and now I've learnt those things too :)"

Now just imagine what you might have learned had you spent your time reading a really good blog! ;-) :-)