Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Apple A Day Hey?.....

It just gets ridiculouser and ridiculouser.
(Yeah I made up a word)

I get various ezines sent to me at work to make the day go by a little easier... Most of them are celebrity news related but some are exercise and nutrition related.

One ezine I get on nutrition is "The Food Coach" newsletter.
Everything I read is taken with a pinch of salt, especially in the field of nutrition where trends and fads change daily. No wonder there is such an obesity problem. People aren't smart enough to educate themselves (or maybe they're just not interested which is fair enough), so they read these attention grabbing headlines, telling them what they want to hear, then moan and groan that nothing works for them.

So this Food Coach email that was sent to me today, spoke of apples and how eating them will help reduce belly fat. I'd like to see the peer reviewed article/study that confirms this finding if it exists.
I suspect it doesn't.

It's not possible to spot reduce. It just isn't. Not by exercise and certainly not by diet.
To make this newsletter worse, it also offers a recipe for apple cake!! Yaay.. so you can lose belly fat by eating cake! Who knew!! Everybody go out and buy apple cake or if you're a baker, make one yourself!

Did no one tell this person that eating flour, butter and sugar counteracts whatever belly fat removing power the apple may have??

But we (and I do include myself) want to hear things that tell us it's ok to keep eating the bad things we eat...

How many times have you heard that chocolate is good for you?
Even if it does have antioxidants, or whatever else they're attributing to being "good" the sugar it contains does far more damage!

In the end, it really does come down to eating healthy and moving your body around.

Who was it that said, and I paraphrase -

Eat real food (not processed) not too much, and move your body.

That's it!! That's the diet secret!!

It can't get simpler than that...

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Louise said...

Michael Pollan, Unhappy Meals.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

it's a good read for those who haven't. Google it.