Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For all to remember forever...

I often wonder what I would have been like, if I'd been born ten or so years ago.

Social networking has changed our world.

I look at what these high school kids are writing and just cringe! It's not that it's so unusual, I mean, I said and thought a lot of stupid things when I was that age too, but my thoughts and spoken words weren't recorded for ALL to see!!

And when it comes to airing our thoughts, it's not only the younger people that are at fault. I know quite a few adults that will put things out there that really, should be left to the confines of private conversation.

When we converse with real people in the real world, we have their reactions to bounce back off of. We know when to pull it back by how the people we're talking to react.
At least we should know...
But my point is, we have a gauge.

Online, you're just putting it all out there and some brave person may call you on it, but for everyone who does, there's twenty or more that are snickering about your comments behind your back.

And I'm not against it... after all, it's no secret that I visit my facebook page daily but it does make me wonder how, with a less mature mind, I would have handled it.

I know I said some pretty stupid and thoughtless things as a child/teenager. If the stuff that I happened to etch into to desks, write on fences or spoke about with my friends were made public, I'd be pretty embarrassed about it right about now!

Where are these parents monitoring what their kids are doing? Who's telling them that what they write down now, may come back to bite them when they're a little older?
Where is our restraint? Restraint is becoming extinct!
We're going to say it now and by golly everyone is going to get a piece of our mind!

From my point of view, it's entertaining, but seriously, I'm so glad I'm not 13 right about now!!

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