Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You think what???

Just because you have an opinion, it doesn't mean you need to express it.

Some people think raw honesty is not only the best option, but the ONLY option.

While yes, I do agree that honesty is the only option, people's feelings and the way you deliver your opinion need to be considered. What is your motive?

There seem to be people that will think it's OK to give you scathing feedback over the littlest inconsequential thing by adding the disclaimer "I'm just being honest."
It's like they've made a wonderful sacrifice by giving you the gift of their personal opinion.

Wouldn't you love to say "Yeah? And you're a douche-bag.. hey, I'm just being honest!"

So next time you have a burning desire to share you opinion, check yourself.
What are your motivations?
Will you be encouraging or stifling dialogue?
Is there a nicer way to convey your honesty than brute hostility?
And does it even really matter?

We ALL have a voice, we all have an opinion, some people are just smart enough to know when to keep theirs to themselves!


Maria said...

...especially when it comes to matters of the heart...'at least I've been honest with you, I could have done it all behind your back'...yeah thanks, it makes it so much better now.

Evil Pixie said...

I noticed this a lot in the workplace. People actually use the "I'm just being honest" as an excuse to be mean.

sandra said...

Ok I agree with this sentiment, but isn't it a bit contradictory ? :)

Margot's Musings & Misadventures said...

Not at all Sandra. I'm not pointing the finger at anyone. I'm not making my opinion personal.

And my point is, yes, have an opinion, but there's a time and place to say it and you can say it in a constructive way.