Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Of Silent And Absent Letters...

I was watching My Kitchen Rules tonight and the task was for the competing teams to make a sandwich.

They showed the different teams preparing for their task with their own varying interpretations of what it meant.

When they got to the Italian girls, Daniela and Stefania, I had to have a chuckle because Stefania pronounced it "Sangwich"

It's true, Italians do pronounce it like that. How that developed I'll never know!

I do know that I myself said it that way well into adulthood because, well that was just how I thought it was said!

Even knowing that it was spelt "sandwich", I still pronounced the "g".
I just thought it was one of the strange words like "know", "gnome" or "often" where the letters don't always tell you how the word is pronounced...

Now I know better but still have to think twice every time I go to use that word!

And although they're from WA, go Daniela and Stefania!

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